It’s summer time here is San Jose, CA and for a girl who grew up in a beach town where the average temperature stayed about 65-degrees year-round, it gets kinda hot for me. It’s approaching 90-degrees this week,  the first real wave of summer heat we have had.  For anyone reading this who lives in the south, on the east coast or perhaps in India I hear you scoffing.  In fact, when I was growing up and would complain about the Santa Cruz “heat” (heat in Santa Cruz is about 85-degrees), my mother, who lived in upstate New York for many years, would say “hot!? You don’t know hot!”.  So I am well aware of my wimpy heat threshold.  What can I say?  I’m a California-girl, born and raised.


Usually at this time of year I head to Santa Cruz for the majority of the summer in an attempt to escape the heat.  Back when we lived in our previous apartment on sixth street, we had no air conditioning and a lot of sunlight so it got hot!  As a teacher, I didn’t work during the summers and staying home all day in the heat is not my idea of a good time.  Cooking or cleaning in the heat?  Forget it.

So off to Santa Cruz I went, enjoying the foggy mornings and sunny 70-degree afternoons and lots of TV (Hubby and I don’t have TV so when we go to dad’s we make up for it).  But I hated leaving behind Hubby.  Imagining him coming home exhausted from a hectic work day of meeting after meeting, to an abandoned home with no food always made me feel very guilty, as I was surrounded by my family, food and…did I mention TV?

However, this summer is different!  In our new beautiful condo, we still have tons of sun light.  It’s still hot outside.  The kitchen still gets hot.  But now, we have…. air conditioning.

I’ve hardly noticed the first few days of scorching San Jose heat.  Not only does it stay relatively cool in our apartment anyway, but I can cool things off with the touch of a button.  I no longer need to tether my actions by how far the fan cord will reach.

I can still cook all day….even clean a little…but best of all, hubby can come in to a home full of delicious smells, a yummy meal and….ME (aren’t I modest?)


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