Shahi Paneer Video

This recipe comes from my new friend and Hindi teacher, Seema.  Everyday we meet for an hour and half and I struggle through not being allowed to speak English. When I told Seema I write a blog about Indian cooking and that I make videos with my Mummy-ji, she immediately invited me to her home to make some videos with her and her family.  I went to her beautiful home and met her sister-in-law, Madhu, who joined us in the kitchen to show us how she makes one of her best dishes, Shahi Paneer.  Shahi Paneer roughly translates as “Royal Paneer” and the taste of this dish lives up to it’s glamorous title.  Seema and I recorded a great video on how to cook perfect rice, which will be posted next week.  For today, we all get to see Madhu’s kitchen skills at their best.


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  1. 10-26-2012

    Hi, Colleen , very informative website , get to learn so many things from Indian kitchen.
    Recipe of Shahi paneer is too good and tempteous and also easy to try at home.

    • 10-26-2012

      Thank you Vaishali!

  2. 10-26-2012

    super! I love it

  3. 10-27-2012

    The paneer looks awesome. Seems that you’ve figured your way around Indian food quite well. I’m a fellow Bombay-ite (though you’re one about once a year?), the posts always interest me 🙂

    • 10-27-2012

      Hi Avanika,


      Where in Bombay are you? We are in Andheri East. Though I am only here once a year, I’d like to consider myself an authentic Bombay-ite. I think I blend in quite nicely…besides the fact that I can’t cross the street without someone holding my hand. 😉

  4. 11-6-2012

    Rich and inviting recipe. Love all paneer recipes and so is this…

    • 11-6-2012

      Thanks Vimitha, we are doing lots of paneer themed dishes lately.

  5. 12-16-2012

    Thank you, love the visuals, helps alot learning to cook indian cuisine 🙂

    • 12-24-2012

      Thanks, Kara!

  6. 10-15-2013

    This looks gorgeous, thanks for sharing. All your recipes look so very authentic- makes me homesick!

    • 10-16-2013

      Thanks Namrata, I get them straight from my friends and family in India so they are the real deal!

  7. 1-29-2014

    Hi Coleen! Thank for sharing your love for Indian food and culture. I love the recipe for the sauce, however, I think it would be better to slightly saute the paneer pieces in a separate pan before adding them to the sauce. This will give a nice texture and enhance the flavor.

    • 2-4-2014

      Hi Merina – Great tip. I like it both ways, but Hubby is not a fan of pan-fried paneer, so we keep it soft. Thanks for the wonderful comment.

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