We just spent a month in India.  It was a month of cooking with extraordinary women. A month of shopping for jaw-dropping jewelry.  A month of seeing my Bombay family and friends.  It has been a few years since I’ve gone to India. The dreaded twenty-four hour flight usually frightens me out of going, but it was so worth it.  On this trip, I wanted to get as many new recipes as possible.  I found a plethora of people who were thrilled to show me their proudest dishes.

Colleen MalahOnion being peeledWith Flat Stapula

I can’t wait for you all to see what I’ve learned.  I’ve got video of each woman cooking in her own home so you get to meet them and see what their kitchens look like, something I always enjoy.  I’ll be testing out the recipes and doing the step by step photography along side the videos.

We got to go to a huge wedding while we were there.  By huge I do mean HUGE. About 1,000 people showed up! It was so fun to be a guest at a wedding.  At our wedding, all I got to do was stand on a stage and take pictures for three hours while I watched everyone dance and eat.  It’s definitely a better experience to be a guest.  That’s just my own experience.

Colleen Mahal doing Bhangda

When we arrived, Mummy-ji was filled with tears of joy and gave us all big warm hugs.  I missed seeing her so much!

Mr Mahal and Colleen Mahal's Mummy-ji

It has taken us a few days to get over our swollen feet and our jet lag.  I’m glad that as of Thanksgiving day I was finally well rested.

Mr. and Mrs. Mahal Mrs. Mahal with beautifully drawn Mehendi

Back to the India trip.  I’ve been to India eight times now and this trip was the most thrilling.  I think it was because of all the blog work I did.  It brought me into peoples homes and helped me bond with them.  We were constantly laughing as they tried to give me instructions in Hindi and I could only understand every tenth word.  Hubby had to hang out with us and translate.

Mrs. Mahal with a beautiful friend

I loved walking around and getting to photograph the locals.  Many of them enjoyed getting their photo taken and got a kick out of me showing them the photo on my digital screen.

Shop-keepers enjoying getting their photo taken

Kids in particular had fun with my camera.

 Kids having fun
I can’t wait to share  all my adventures and new recipes with you.  Stay tuned!
Mrs. Colleen Mahal with her camera.

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