My New Favorite Kitchen Gadget

Yesterday, I was strolling through Target searching for some new Tupperware.  Along the way I spotted the kitchen gadget aisle and couldn’t resist taking a look.  Normally, I never buy kitchen supplies at Target. I prefer to go across the street to a large restaurant supply store the size of Costco but I figured since I was passing by the kitchen gadget aisle, it wouldn’t hurt to browse.  That’s when I spotted an egg slicer and read the description:

” Slices hard-boiled eggs with ease…perfect for strawberries, kiwis, mushrooms and soft cheese. “

With a feeling of impulsive excitement, I realized I could use this handy tool for one of my favorite recipes.  One which involves spending a significant amount of time thinly slicing mushrooms.  I grabbed the shiny slicer, bought it and immediately popped in to the nearest grocery store for four containers of mushrooms.

Once I got home I made use of my new purchase by gleefully slicing through a mount of mushrooms in a matter of minutes and made Hubby’s newest favorite recipe, Mushroom Tikka Masala.  I have avoided this dish for a while as the whole process of prepping takes a lot of time.  Now with my new gadget, the prep time was cut in half.

The dish still took a significant amount of time.  Every mushroom slice is browned on both sides and if you over crowd the pan, they don’t brown.

That evening, Hubby and I chatted about our day over a bowl of fragrant, buttery mushrooms cloaked in curry sauce. I shared my experience of speeding up my prepping with my fun new tool but still having to wait patiently for each slice to brown.

“Why don’t you brown the mushrooms using two pans?” suggested Hubby, raising his eyebrows.

Clearly, this could have been an obvious solution.



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  1. 2-3-2012

    Hi Colleen! The egg slicer is indeed a very simple but great appliance. It stays nicely tucked in my kitchen drawer. I tend to use it for eggs only, I shall try it on mushrooms. Thanks for the suggestion!

    A friend gifted me an onion slicer recently which works in the same way as this egg slicer but has two blades for shopping onions finely and slightly bigger. Its been very useful since I dread chopping onion for curries. A large size onion gets chopped in a blink with no tears! 🙂 I also use it to chop carrots, bell peppers, mushrooms for curries or pulaos and cucumber for raita. It also stays nicely tucked in the drawer.

    • 2-3-2012

      That sounds amazing. Can you share the brand of slicer you have? I may have to get one for myself. I have actually enjoyed learning to cut onions efficiently with a knife, which gives me a sense of “chef-pride” but the tears are not the best reward.

      • 2-4-2012

        It’s a chopper, not really a slicer, sorry I mis-typed. It’s called ‘Vidalia chop wizard’. It chops veggies into squares – small (finely chopped) or big (good for jalfrezi). It can be found in major stores for $20. I have been using it a lot for past few months especially while cooking for a party where I chop 5-6 big onions and lots of different veggies. Its working as a dream so far!

  2. 2-6-2012

    Wow, I do have this slicer but I’ve never used for anything but hard broil eggs (for decorating on the salad, most of the time)! I do have kiwi, strawberries, and mushrooms. I MUST check it out tonight. I just didn’t think of other use at all! What a cool finding! 😀

    • 2-6-2012

      Hi Nami, what a surprise to see you here! Thanks for the comment. I’ve been having a ball with my slicer.

  3. 2-13-2012

    Hey Colleen! That’s a cool tool really! It’s so funny to see my toddler open the kitchen drawer and grab the slicer(mine is shaped like Mr. Potatohead) and runaway to the her own play kitchen to play with.

    I hope you remember me., I am the one you met at New India Bazar last Summer:)

    • 2-14-2012

      Yes! How are you? Funny to find your comment here as only yesterday I was just remembering out meeting!

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