I love movies about food.  This week I watched Woman on Top, a romantic “feel good” film about a Brazilian chef who leaves her neglecting husband to live with her friend in San Francisco and start a new life.  She soon finds herself hosting her own TV cooking show called “Passion Food Live”, all the while dealing with a love triangle…..that’s all, I won’t give anymore away.

One of the reasons I love this movie is because it’s set right in San Francisco, a city I adore.  I think it’s one of the most unusual cities, with its eclectic residents, roller coaster hills and identifiable architecture of stacked houses in every color.

The film features some city favorites such as Lombard Street (known as the curviest street in the world) and the wonderful San Francisco Culinary Institute.



The film is more love story than food story and even though it centers around the main character’s cooking show “Passion Food”, the film is much more passion, than food so put the kids to bed if you’re planning to watch it.  It’s got some great cooking scenes, kitchen sets and equates cooking to magic and spell casting, an idea I always love.

I also loved looking at the Brazilian inspired decor of the multiple kitchen sets.  Here are a few screen shots I loved:

This film has inspired me to try my hand at some Brazilian dishes.  I guess I’ll have to eat at the wonderful Brazilian restaurant “Cha Cha Cha”, located across from my older sister’s house in San Francisco, for some food inspiration…sounds like a girls night out!


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