What an eventful first week we have had in India.  Only two days after arriving in Bombay, A Curry of a Life was featured in one of the premiere Indian women’s blogs, Jaipur Women Blog.  Here is a snippet of the article.  You can read the full interview here.

Meet Colleen Mahal, Who Loves Aloo Paratha And Celebrates Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Say ‘Hi’ to Colleen Mahal, a girl from sunny Santa Cruz, California who married a Punjabi guy from Mumbai, India. She runs a blog  “A Curry of a Life.

Being a singer, a musician, and a blogger, her stories are flavored with food adventures of both the cultures, American and Indian.

A lover of Indian food, Colleen turns our chat into chaat of spicy memories, fun and relationship goals.

How did you guys first meet?

In U.S. Kulwant lived in the apartment right below me, we went to the same college. He was doing Masters in electrical engineering, and I was doing the Undergraduate course in music. As for the first time, we met on the stairs of the apartment. *Laughs*

And from stairs, you fell in love?

Well! I never thought that I would marry somebody whom I met on the stairs. It happened so quickly that I still don’t understand when I fell in love.


How the idea of starting a blog crossed your mind?

Even before marriage, I was very much into Indian Culture, especially the food. So I would travel to India and document other people cooking and then try to make the same at home. Now, I am cooking authentic Indian food myself.

Slowly people started to invite me to dinner to learn a few recipes, and I would give them instructions. Later, when people asked for more, I would say to them, ‘Oh! You could go to my Blog page and learn about the recipes from there.’ This is how the idea of blogging came into being.

Read the rest of the article here.

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