Dinner Party Disasters

I love hosting dinner parties.  I love to sit down, put together a guest list, plan out what to have for the evening and comb through cookbooks for inspirations and ideas.  I even love finding new and creative ways to decorate the table.  I put a whole lot of thought into turning just a dinner into an event.

But what do you do when you have a group coming over for dinner and your wonderfully planned dinner has just turned into a disaster?  I’ve been asked this question in a couple of reader emails and I always assure them that I’ve had my fair share of entertaining disasters.  In fact, this just happened to me last weekend.

I am sure I am not the only one here with a dinner disaster story. Since the fear of a burnt main dish or a baking disaster can often hold people back from throwing a great party, I thought it would be great for us all to share and laugh at our own disaster stories and realize that it happens to all of us and can often be the dinner party you remember most.

So, tell us; do you have a dinner party disaster story to share?

How did you handled it? Were you able to save the meal or did you order take out?  



Just this last Friday we had our neighbors over for a pizza night.  When I went to make the pizzas, I realized I was a little short on flour but decided to make them anyway.  The dough ended up being too wet and I attempted to rescue it by baking the pizza on some parchment paper so it didn’t stick to the pan.  In the end, the pizza completely adhered to the paper and we spent the majority of our dinner prying slices of pizza of the parchment.  That’s not all though!  I had a second pizza and let it warm and rise in the oven a bit.  When I went to preheat the oven to 500-degrees, I forgot the pizza was already in there!  What was supposed to be my second-chance option ended up burning to a crisp.

In the end, we made a game out of helping each other peel pizza slices off the parchment paper…and ended up eating a lot of salad and fruit.  We certainly had a good laugh at the whole thing and wound up having a good time anyway.



  1. 5-29-2013

    I’m surprised this story didn’t include ordering pizza delivery in the end.

    • 5-30-2013

      Me too. We just ended up eating lots of burnt pizza.

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