When you indulge in a great Indian dish do you find the spices linger long after you’ve finished eating? A great way to cool off those hot flavors is with cooling side dishes like the raita recipe I posted earlier or with this cucumber salad.  When Hubby and I are in India, almost every lunch and dinner is accompanied with a cucumber salad and we’ve now gotten into the habit of making it here at home.

What I love the most about cucumber side dishes is they replace my craving for dessert.  After a spicy meal, which in my house is every meal except breakfast, I always crave something sweet to clear away the heat.  Once I discovered cucumbers mixed with lemon and salt, I had a favorite new snack and a way to cut my craving for more cake.

This video has two versions of cucumber salad.  The first version is more of a daily salad which only takes seconds to prepare.  It’s some sliced cucumber with a sprinkle of lemon juice and salt.  It’s the version we have on a daily basis in India because it’s so quick.

The second version is a fuller, more fancy version and what my Hubby calls an “Indian salad”, which adds onion and tomato slices along with the cucumber.

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